Coconut Chia Fresca

Coconut Chia Fresca/Iskiate Energising Drink


Chia Fresca or iskiate is a healthy Mexican drink made with chia seeds, lemon juice and water. For those who are unfamiliar with chia seeds, they are tiny black and white seeds that were valued for their energy boosting properties by the ancient Aztecs and Mayans.

Chia seeds have become the super food of today due to their health promoting properties. These are high in fibre which helps with digestion. In addition to fibre they are rich in  omega 3 fatty acids,Vitamins A, B, E and D along with important minerals like sulphur iron, magnesium, manganese and niacin.

 I usually make Chia Fresca for my son as a pre workout drink. The protein in the chia seeds is an energy enhancer, no wonder these seeds were used by the world's greatest distant runners. I add my personal twist to this drink by using coconut water. The coconut water apart from transmuting it to Coconut Chia Fresca doubles the hydrating properties in addition to providing essential electrolytes to the body which are lost during sweat and exercise.

I also add a splash of lemon for extra freshness and Vitamin C. The zing from the lemon juice goes very well with the sweetness of the coconut water. The coconut water contains considerable amount of sweetness but you can still add some honey or sweetener if you like.

Coconut Chia Fresca can be used as an energy drink before a workout, a sport or at any time of the day to perk you up. Try it and I am sure you will like it.

coconut water6oz
chia seeds 2 tbsps
lemon juice2 tbsps
honey or sweetener to tasteas needed

Soak 2 tablespoons of chia seeds in coconut water.


Dissolve the honey or sweetener in lemon juice.


Pour the lemon juice mixture into the coconut water and chia seeds mixture.


Stir and refrigerate before serving.



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Coconut Chia Fresca
A refreshing and energising Mexican drink made with chia seeds.
  • 6 oz coconut water
  • 2 tbsps chia seeds
  • 2 tbsps lemon juice
  • to taste honey or sweetener
Soak 2 tablespoons of chia seeds in coconut water. Dissolve the honey or sweetener in lemon juice.Pour the lemon juice mixture into the coconut water and chia seeds mixture.Stir and refrigerate before serving.
Prep time: Cook time: Total time: Yield: 1