Vegetarian Haleem Recipe

Vegetarian Haleem


Haleem is a slow cooked stew made with lentils and meat popular in the Middle East, Turkey, Pakistan and India.. Haleem is considered to be a high fiber high protein dish.

 It can be made with chicken, mutton or beef, which is not a vegetarian's delight! Is it? However, I have developed a recipe that will make it acceptable to the vegetarian palate, the meatless version of course! 

My vegetarian haleem recipe is devoid of all the funny ingredients that you may find on the net. I think it is kind of weird to use ingredients like sesame seeds into this recipe it should taste like the real stuff, not like a Chinese Takeaway don't you think? In my recipe, I have used the basic lentils that go into it minus the meat and plus only one vegetable as simple as that!

As far as the spices are concerned, they remain the same. I have followed the basic method to make this dish. Instead of meat I have used okra because of the mucilage and fiber present in it very similar to the characteristic look attained with shredded meat used in the non-vegetarian variety.

I have also tried eggplant in the same recipe, but I have found the taste to be overpowering but with okra nobody will be able to guess that you have used it. This recipe is best served with naan or chapati and is equally good on its own because it is a one pot meal.

  Prep Time:30 mins☻    Cooking Time: 5 hrs☻    Serves:8☻    Cuisine: Pakistan/India                                                                                                          

chana dal1/2 cup (soaked overnight)
 wheat berries1/2 cup (soaked overnight)
urad dal1/4 cup   (soaked overnight)
oats (instant)5 tbsp
boiled rice5 tbsp
okras8-9 (tops trimmed)
yogurt4 tbsp
onions2 medium
ginger/ garlic chooped1 tsp each
red chili powder1/2 tsp
turmeric1/2 tsp
corriander seeds1 tsp
cumin seeds1 tsp
cinnamon1 stick
mace powder1/2 tsp
cloves 2-3
cardamom1 whole
bay leaves2-3
salt                                                             to taste

Dry roast the cinnamon, black cardamom, cumin, cloves and coriander. Grind into a powder and set aside.

Boil the lentils and wheat separately, blend. Set aside.

Fry the onions in oil till golden brown. Set aside.

Take the oil in a heavy based pot and saute the garlic and ginger till golden brown in color

Add half of the fried onions along with chili powder, turmeric and yogurt.

Add the roasted, ground spices with quarter cup water and cook till oil separates.

Add the blended lentils with rice and instant oats. Also add in the okra.

    Blend with the help of a hand blender into a fine paste.

Leave to cook for several hours on very low heat till the mixture starts to thicken. Keep stirring the mixture from time to time. Cook till the desired consistency is attained. Remove from heat and garnish with fried onions and chaat masala.
Serve with lemon wedges and naan or chapati.