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5 A Day Veg Pasta

5 A Day Veggie Pasta


 Winters have breathed their last and finally it's Spring. Now we are deviating from piping hot meals, stews and soups are no longer in agreement with our palates and mood. So I thought I would share this vibrantly coloured pasta dish made with 5 vegetables, tuna and mozarella. 5 A Day Veggie Pasta is a cold pasta dish adorned with fresh spring vegetables.

 Pasta Primavera and 5 A Day Veggie Pasta are two of my favourite dishes that I like to rotate throughout the Spring Season. The reason is simple, I like to use seasonal vegetables as much as I can because of their health benefits and these two dishes are loaded with robust seasonal flavours.

This is not my personal recipe, In fact, it is inspired by a recipe I saw a long time ago on a TV show it has been ten years now  At that time I occasionally could leisure the short time I had for watching cooking shows. I can't praise the cook enough for her culinary skills the pasta was so beautifully presented that I could not resist trying it in my kitchen. I have made some changes to the original recipe and again I must confess that I am not skilled enough to make this pasta into a cake form like the original recipe owner did. I do however promise that this pasta is super tasty.

 I still can't praise the cook enough for her skill. There she was preparing the recipe with her expertise and here am  jack of all trades master of none. We are always in the process of learning and so will I.
Still I hope that if she sees this recipe she doesn't want to kill me for not being able to  make it properly. Still I will try my best to bring out the beauty of this dish with simplicity.

ditalini or macaroni pasta350g 
aubergine cut into rounds or cubes1 medium
zuchini cut into rounds or cubes1 medium
bell peppers chopped2 medium
red onion chopped1 medium
black olives10-12
capers3 tbsp
canned tuna (drained)56g
mozzarella drained250g
fresh bail leavessmall bunch
olive oil2 tbsps
freshly crushed black pepperto taste 
saltto taste


Boil the pasta and drain according to package instructions, drain and set aside. I have used pasta macaroni  but in the original recipe pasta ditalini was used. The ditalini pasta is very small so it won't be prominent in the pasta salad.

Preparing the veggies:

I like to bake my vegetables you can use any method you like but baked and grilled are best in this recipe.

Take the boiled and drained pasta in a salad bowl add the bell peppers, aubergines, and zucchini. Add chopped onions tuna, chopped tomatoes, capers and mozzarella cut in cubes.                                                                                                                                                                                           

Add olives basil and olive oil. Season with salt and pepper and serve. 

Finally I found ditalini and made an updated version with a new photo. So you can see a pasta dish with macaroni and another one with macaroni pasta. This 5 A Day Pasta dish tastes superb regardless of the type of pasta used.

Whether you are packing lunch for office or planning a picnic this 5 A Day Pasta dish is easily transportable. Another plus point to this recipe is that you don't have to reheat it so it can be a perfect meal for al fresco dining!

Thanks for visiting this page hope you have enjoyed your stay and will come back soon.
Are you trying any new pasta recipes?

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