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Avocado and Strawberry Kulfi

Avocado and Strawberry Kulfi

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Kulfi is a creamy and dense frozen dessert popular in Pakistan, India alike. My avocado and strawberry kulfi is a hybrid of Eastern and Western flavours. Generally a kulfi is made with cream and condensed milk.

It was a norm to find kulfi vendors in the early eighties in Lahore. Kulfi was a must have whenever I had a chance to visit my grandmother from Islamabad to Lahore. It's been almost twenty years since my last visit, but the vivid memories of that creamy aromatic melt in the mouth kulfi are still in my mind.

These days whenever I visit Islamabad I can still find commercially prepared tubs of kulfi which in no way compete with the good old kulfi I had eaten a long time ago from the kulfi vendors.
The kulfi was mainly of cardamom and pistachio or almonds, Tutti Frutti Ice cream and the most sought after mango kulfi.



I always have a hard time making my kids eat fruit so I have a habit of sneaking it into their favourite foods so that they would never find out. Mangoes are their favourite so I don't have to make an effort to make them eat mangoes but my two teenage sons give me a hard time when it comes to avocados. Since avocados are super healthy, I have to make extra effort to make my kids eat them. 

So in this recipe I have combined my kulfi ingredients to create this rather special recipe of avocado and strawberry kulfi. The best part about this recipe is that my picky kids could never guess that the exotic flavour in their kulfi was avocado. I admit just adding a drop or two of green colour to the avocado mixture to completely remove any doubts from their minds. 

avocado puree1 medium
strawberry puree 1/4 cup
double cream2 cups
condensed milk180g
lemon juice1/2 tsp
vanilla extract1 tsp 
 green food colour (optional)1/2 tsp 


Beat the double cream with the hand whisk or electric beater till light and fluffy add the condensed milk gradually till all of it has been added.

Divide the mixture equally into two bowls.To one bowl add the strawberry puree  with lemon juice.


To the second bowl add the avocado puree and vanilla extract,  mix till the mixture is smooth and homogeneous.


Take kulfi moulds in any shape spoon the strawberry mixture into the mould followed by the avocado mixture. Place in the freezer to set overnight. You can also freeze the avocado and strawberry Kulfi in the form of a slab.

This recipe was created in an effort to make my kids eat avocados. It has been approved by my family.

 Hope you will try to make Avocado and Strawberry Kulfi for your kids if they don't like avocado and let me know if they like it in the form of a kulfi.

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