Sesame Prawn Toast

Sesame Prawn Toast


I remember my mother making the most amazing fish toasts. I am not a very big fan of fish so I regularly make prawn toasts. These homemade prawn toasts are way better than the ones you can order at a takeaway.

Crispy crunchy Prawn toast is a perfect starter to any Chinese inspired meal. It can also be served as a snack specially when you are pinched for time. For this recipe you can use either raw or pre-cooked prawns. I prefer using pre-cooked ones. The best part about this recipe is that you can make the prawn paste mixture in advance and keep in the refrigerator to be used when needed.

 Mostly I don't advocate the use of white bread but there are some recipes which turn out better with white bread, sesame prawn toast is one such recipe. So I am using white bread in this here, feel free to use brown bread if you like.

My Sesame Prawn Toast recipe is made by shallow frying in very little oil, unlike the take away version which is deep fried and has a greasy feel to it.  I love prawn toast because of it's multidimensional nature. Served as a deluxe starter, snack, high tea or in a lunch box, this delicious recipe never fails to please me. I think this is the perfect recipe for easy entertaining.

Prep Time: 8 minutes☻     Cooking Time:20 minutes☻     Yield: 16☻     Cuisine: Chinese

white or brown bread 8 pieces
spring onions chopped3 medium
egg 1 whole
corn flour4 tbsp
soy sauce1 tbsp 
black pepper1tsp 
saltto taste
sesame seedsas needed
vegetable oil  or peanut oil for fryingas needed

Take the prawns, add corn flour, egg, spring onions, soy sauce, black pepper and salt. Just throw the whole lot into the food processor and blitz until you are left with a paste. 


 I like to add additional chopped spring onions to the paste for extra crunch and flavour.


Now remove the crust from each bread slice and then cut in half so that a triangle is formed. Set aside.


Spread the prawn mixture on top of each bread slice. Take a plate spread with sesame seeds and press the toast paste side down onto the sesame seeds.

Heat about 1 tbsp of oil in a frying pan and first place the sesame side of the toast onto the pan. I think 1 tbsp of oil is enough to fry up to 4 pieces of toasts. Fry the prawn toast until crisp and light golden brown in colour.


Notice that you can hardly see any oil because very little oil is used and using a non stick frying pan also helps.

Once ready these delicious prawn toasts can be served with ketchup or chili sauce. I hope you will try to make sesame prawn toast someday and enjoy making it as much as I did.