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Eggless No Churn Rocky Road Ice Cream

Egg-Less No-Churn Rocky Road Ice Cream

I have a love-hate relationship with ice-cream! Did I mention this before? I love ice-cream simply because it's not only delicious but I consider ice cream as the best comfort food. I also hate ice cream because I have an irrepressible appetite for it and when I start eating ice cream not even my children can stop me.

These days I am experimenting a lot with no-churn ice cream recipes, since my ice cream maker stopped working last year. It was just after I had made home-made Tutti Frutti Ice Cream. Still pinching pennies to buy a new ice cream maker. This week I tried to make an egg-less Rocky Road Ice Cream.

Rocky Road Ice cream is a velvety chocolate ice cream with the trio of chocolate nuts and marshmallows. Sounds good, doesn't it? Usually Rocky Road Ice cream consists of an egg custard base which is then combined with milk, cream and other ingredients . The mixture is then churned in an ice cream maker to create the smooth and velvety Rock Road Ice cream.

egg-less-no-churn-rocky-road-ice cream

I prefer the egg-less version of Rocky Road Ice Cream because I find it a lot more easier to prepare. You won't need an ice cream maker to make this ice cream.You just mix the ingredients in a particular sequence, freeze and Viola! Your home-made Rocky Road Ice Cream is ready. I have used roasted almonds because I think roasting accentuates the flavour. If you don't like almonds you can use peanuts, or walnuts instead.

  So why not whip up a batch of nutty, full of chocolate goodness and fluffy marshmallows, Rocky Road Ice Cream to cool you down on a hot spring afternoon.

Prep Time: 25 minutes☻     Freezing Time: 8 hours☻     Serves: 6-8☻     Cuisine: American

condensed milk400g
evaporated milk415 ml
cocoa powder (sieved)50g
cocoa powder (sieved)50g
icing sugar (sieved)20g
vanilla extract1 tsp 
 roasted chopped almonds80g
marshmallows coloured or white80g

Mix the evaporated milk with the cocoa powder and the condensed milk. Make sure to remove all the lumps from the cocoa powder. Now add in the icing sugar and mix again. Set aside. Add in the whipped cream.


Mix so as to form a homogeneous mixture.


Pour the mixture into an air tight container lined with a cling film.

Add the chopped marshmallows and roasted, chopped almonds.


Mix to combine firmly close the lid of the container and place in the freezer section of the refrigerator. Leave to set for at least eight hours. That's it, the ice cream is ready to be served I hope you will make this easy and delicious Eggless No Churn Rocky Road Ice Cream someday. Nothing beats the taste of home-made ice cream you will agree with me once you try the recipe.


egg-less -no-churn-rocky-road-ice-cream-dessert-

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