Cassata Siciliana Recipe

Cassata Siciliana Recipe

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Like any other cuisine in the world. Italy has a special recipe in each region. Cassata Siciliana, born in the Sicilian region of Italy has an honourable place in the Italian culinary tradition. Mostly it's prepared during Easter. This is the time when this cake is proudly displayed in shop windows

There is some preliminary work involved but you will be delighted when you reap the benefits of your labour later on. One thing that makes this cake so special is the use of glace fruit.You will need assorted glace fruit for this cake.

Basically the preparation involves layering the sponge cake with ricotta, chocolate chips and candied fruit.You can either follow my Sponge Cake recipe or buy a ready made one from the super store. Traditionally pistachio paste is used in marzipan but if you can't find it you can add green food colour.

 The finished dignified appearance looks more like a jewel box rather than a cake. Wait a minute! I will grab a piece of this cake and return with the ingredient list......


 Prep Time:30 minutes☻       Setting Time: overnight☻       Serves: 10☻       Cuisine: Italian                                                                                                     

sponge cake 1 10 inch
chocolate chips4 tbsp
candied fruit4 tbsp
ricotta cheese 500g
mascarpone cheese250g
icing sugar180g
marzipan 250g + 2 tsp green food colour
fruit juice or sugar syrup                   as needed
icing sugar250g
 hot water enough to make a paste with icing sugar

Cut the sponge cake into equal squares. Also cut the marzipan into equal pieces. Align neatly around the cake pan.The marzipan should be aligned alternately with the sponge pieces. You will be left with some cake remaining but don't throw it away because it will be used to form the top most part of the cake.

Once all the pieces are in place put the sponge disc in the middle.

Soak the sponge with juice or sugar syrup.

Now take the ricotta and squeeze water out of it by putting it in a fine sieve.The more you are able to get out the water the better. The ricotta should acquire a smooth appearance. Add the mascarpone and icing sugar. Mix well till creamy and homogeneous. Add chocolate chips and candied fruit. Mix well.

Place the ricotta, mascarpone and candied fruit on top of the cake and level it off with a spatula.

Make crumbs out of the remaining cake and put on top of the ricotta mixture. Press firmly, cover with cling film and refrigerate overnight.

Next day remove the cling film. Invert the cake on a platter.

Give final touches to the cake by pouring white glaze over it.

Decorate with glazed cherries and serve.

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